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Magician Albert Llorens. Specialised in Great illusions and special effects. Magic shows. Private parties. Local events. Educational shows for schools. Corporate magic. Promotions and publicity.

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Magician Albert Llorens.

The Magic of Albert Llorens. Company devoted to the creation of magic shows. Some of our featured shows link magic and environment. Specialised in great illusions (effects with big aparatus). Energy and youth, distinguishing features of our work. Main objective, the creation of new theatrical formats, with an updated vision of conjuring. Combination of magic, music and audience participation.

Some of the most important shows of The Magic of Albert Llorens have been: Impact, 2006. Trimmings, 2007. Let be amazed: another illusion show?! 2008. Mirages, 2009. Private, 2010. Wisps of time: a 4D journey, 2012. Medium, 2015.

Also, due to the growing interest for an important subject such as the environmental preservation, we have created some educational shows. These shows link magic, environment and education. Some of the most importants have been: Water: a magic world (2010). The magic of recycling (2011). Against the climate change: the magic of the renewable energies (2012). Grand Ecomagic (2013).

Every show can be performed in Catalan, Spanish, English or French.

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