This is the most ambitious show of The Magic of Albert Llorens. A big theatrical show, based exclusively on great illusions and effects with big apparatus.

The show begins: a crystal box fills with smoke. Seconds later, Albert Llorens appears from the inside. And that is only the beginning: he will make his assistants appear, he will be pierced by swords, he will vanish from the centre of the stage to reappear into the audience, and he will even make a motorcycle appear from the thin air!

Appearances and vanishes of people and motorised vehicles, sword boxes, levitations, transpositions,… and much more in a unique show.

Current illusion show: “Wisps of time: a 4D journey”

Have you ever dreamed about being in two places at the same time? Travelling backwards in time? Or changing locations instantly?

A show with magic in the thre dimensions of space but also in the dimension of time. A 4D journey!