Medium: a pseudo-psychic demonstration

I’ve never seen any psychic that wasn’t a fraud. Not only can I do what they claim they do, but I can even do it better.

Albert Llorens

With these tough words begins a show that differ from the others. Although this initial claim, Albert Llorens will contact with the dead, answer non-written questions from audience members or even unveil their secrets. Premonition, clairvoyance, extra sensory perception (ESP), paranormal phenomenons,… During an hour, the audience will sit in a séance, receiving messages, feeling spirits, or witnessing inexplicable phenomenons, like remote vision or bi-location.

Psychological ruses? Trance? Post-hypnotic reaction? Ideo-motor reflex? Scam? Anyway, with “Medium”, no one in the audience will be untouched.


This show is presented for entertainment purposes only. There will be no medium-ship at it.