“A cult illusionist, polite and also, a good musician. He has magic”
Sebastià D’arbó, 8TV

“The only magician who is able to perform magic for television on a radio station”
Manolo Garrido, Radio Sabadell

“I love your magic”
Soraya Arnelas, singer, Eurovision

“The best magician of Spain”
Sandro Rey, Big Brother VIP, Tele5

“A model of a well-done discourse»
Carles Lombarte, non-verbal communication trainer and author of the book «Method Lombarte to public speaking»

“You are a rock star! I’m still thinking of how you have taken the deck and you have already changed my card!”
El Gran Germán, TV and radio presenter, Big Brother VIP, Tele5, Radio Flaixbac

“Young and gifted magician in the world of magic”
Josep Roma, national president of SEI (Spanish Society of Conjuring)

“Magician Llorens is simply pure magic”
Toni Rovira, TV presenter and showman

“Every time you flabbergast us more!”
Medina Azahara, rock group

“This guy is good! He is the best!”
Josmar Gerona, singer a TV productor

“On the stage, magician Albert Llorens has an angel”
Joan Estrada, event manager

“You are great. Don’t make me vanish!”
Sergi Vizcaíno, director of horror films (XP 3D)

“You frighten me”
Sergi Cervera, actor of theater, films and television (Polònia, TV3)

“His magic is poetic and fantastic”
Felipe del Val, short-films director. Oriana Awards

“I would never play poker with you”
Jaume Sanromá, films and television actor

“My favorite magician”
Coman Mitogo, musician and television personality Tele5

“Thanks for your professionalism and your magic”
Jordi Cadellans, theater, television and film actor (La Riera, TV3)

“One of the bests of magic. His combination with music makes him special”
Carlus One, musician, singer and soundtrack composer