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Magic for children's parties

Magic for children's parties

Family celebrations are ideal events for magic. Magician Albert Llorens offers a classic magic show that will surpise all the guests.


Magic show for family gatherings:

Hiring a magician for a family gathering is the perfect option for all the guests to enjoy a special day. The protagonist will interact with the magician so that he will never forget his or her birthday, communion or special day.

The show created for this event includes lots of surprises and magic tricks that will leave the everyone speechless.
Magic for children's parties
Magic for children's parties

Fun for all the guests:

The show offered by magician Albert Llorens is created to make both children and adults enjoy all the tricks and experiences that they will have during the event. In addition, the show can be customized to surprise the child protagonist of the event as well as the other guests and we also offer magic workshops and balloon sculpturing (the art of making figures with colorful balloons). On the other hand, we can make a large gift appear or make the protagonist of the event to levitate.
Why hire a magic show for a communion party?
Communions are the most celebrated parties by children. An opportunity to interact with friends and family in a formal environment, which does not mean that has to be boring. For this reason, a magic show is ideal: the little ones will feel like protagonists, while adults can also enjoy astonishing and surprising magic effects designed for the whole family.
What does the magic show for communions include?
It’s a show with very visual and dynamic magic tricks, which also combine lots of audience participation (in almost every magic trick someone helps the magician). In addition, a small sound system helps to put the focus on the magic that is presented and create a more magical atmosphere.
Do children participate in magic shows for communion parties?
In this show, children are the main protagonists, participating in each and every one of the magic tricks, whether it is choosing a card, holding a magic rope or thinking about something that will be revealed at the end of the show. However, the show is not only for children: children participate, but adults can enjoy and be surprised by a show designed for the whole family.
Where can the magic show for a communion party be held?
The show for communions is adaptable to any space: from a dining room in a house to a hotel hall or the garden of a residential area. We only need a minimum space to install the magic props and the space for the audience to sit comfortably. A show that can be seen close-up and that can be adapted to turn any place into a small magic theater.

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