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Magic for learning and didactic shows

Magic for learning and didactic shows

Who says you can't learn from magic tricks? Albert Llorens will surprise and teach how to understand concepts using magic.


Didactic Magic Show about ecology:

Magician Albert Llorens has incorporated the didactic side into his shows, creating an educational show for the little ones. What if we talk about the need to save water, separate waste, climate change or the science behind the chemical processes using magic tricks? Magic is a powerful, surprising and fun vehicle of communication. It is a perfect communication tool for learning and teaching.

We offer didactic shows for schools, outdoors activities, museums, local festivities,...

In addition, all shows can be performed entirely in Catalan, Spanish, English or French. Perfect for the English Day in schools or for language academies.
Magic for learning and didactic shows
Magic for learning and didactic shows

Learn maths with magic:


Do you think mathematics can be magic? Magician Albert Llorens shows us how mathematics can be responsible for very curious phenomena: in some cases mathematics will be the theme of a magic trick (for example, the prediction of a regular polygon thought by a participant from the audience); on other occasions, mathematics itself will be responsible for the trick (the almost instantaneous resolution of a magic square or the first-person experience of cutting a Möbius strip).

A magic show in which mathematics is the main protagonist.

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