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Wedding magic shows

Wedding magic shows

If you want a unique wedding, Albert Llorens' magic show for weddings is for you. It will make all your guests stay with their mouths open and never forget your wedding day.


Say goodbye to boring weddings!

Limits? They are words from the past. If you want to celebrate a unique and special wedding, our magic wedding show fits perfectly with your plans. The show created by magician Albert Llorens can be adapted perfectly to any space, turning a hotel room or an outdoor garden into a magical place, where fun and audience participation will make the memory of your wedding day last for years. Albert Llorens can perform a magical stage illusion in which the bride and the groom can magically appear just before the banquet starts or perform a romantic magic trick with the wedding rings. The professional wedding magic show will make your day even more complete and turn this important event into an unforgettable date for everyone.
Wedding magic shows
Wedding magic shows

Magic for weddings: A unique moment

Apart from the ceremony and the banquet, a wedding should be remembered for its atmosphere. Make your guests feel special by making them part of your big day.

Can you imagine seeing the bride and groom appear by magic before your eyes in the reception room? Or a beautiful magic trick in which the wedding rings appear around a rose? The stage format that is creating a trend has arrived: magic shows for weddings.

With this format of show, the surprise factor is guaranteed. We adapt our show and our magic to the theme of the wedding and we will create an elegant and detailed space, filling everything with magic. In addition, to keep the little ones entertained, we also offer children magic shows, balloon sculpting and magic workshops.
Why hire a magic show for a wedding party?
A wedding is a magical event in itself but, in addition, it brings together a heterogeneous group of people: from kids to teenagers, young and adults. It would seem that before such an audience it is difficult to find a show that can fit. Nothing further from the truth! Magic allows you to interact with children, who love to feel like the protagonists of the show, along with humor and surprise with the most impossible effects, to attract young audience, while the older ones can relax and enjoy an elegant and tasteful show.
What does the magic show for weddings include?
Each show can be adapted according to the needs. The generic show includes lots of fun and interactive magic acts, very surprising. Also, we include sound equipment and microphone. If required, we can make the bride and the groom appear in a magic trick just before the banquet, as well as customize some routines to involve specific people who will attend the wedding and maximize the impact and humor.
Do the bride and the groom participate in the magic show?
The bride and the groom are the protagonists of the event, so their participation is guaranteed: from being selected for the star trick to adapt the show to their tastes and hobbies. On the other hand, as a special effect, we can make the bride and the groom appear magically before the banquet. The scene would be as follows: the attendees have already entered the room, they are sitting at their respective tables, the music starts, the magician comes to the stage and, from an empty box, makes the bride and the groom appear and the meal can begin. After the feast, the magician resumes his place to the stage to perform the complete show.
Can we choose the theme of the magic show for wedding parties?
We can customize all of our shows. Once the show has been hired, we can offer the bride and the groom different types of effects and ways of performing them in a way that suits their preferences. From the type of effect desired to the person in the audience who will participate in the trick, to maximize the effect, surprise and fun for everyone.

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